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On the surface, it appears like “chauffeur” is just a cultured option to state “driver” – however that is not exactly valid. Without a doubt, drivers and chauffeurs both get you where you need to travel, however the big difference between the two is greater than just words – it is an issue of service.

Service Quality

A driver exists to achieve one act: drive a person from one location to another successfully.

As the chauffeur’s elegant label hints, this man is far more than simply the fellow driving. He’s a skilled expert who is not merely able to ensure you get just where your destination is, but also stylishly and luxuriously..

In contrast to a driver, a chauffeur exists to serve you, not move you about as if you were luggage (however he can carry your baggage should you wish). The chauffeur will open the door for you. He will take the scenic road if you want to view the area, or he will ensure you get straight to your appointment with ample time to spare. Thinking about getting a coffee before traveling to the airport? A chauffeur will happily drive you to the best café in the city, or he’ll pop over to a takeaway food joint, if that’s your taste.


Chauffeurs like those that work at Cars Exec obtain intense schooling before they get behind the wheel. Chauffeurs are taught more than just the rules of the road. Safe practices are a top concern for a Cars Exec chauffeur, who has learned to drive defensivelyas opposed to aggressively. While your trip is going to be secure, it should also be enjoyable.

Pride In Work

A chauffeur always has satisfaction in his occupation. His outfit is clean. He carries himself with simple self-esteem. The chauffeur’s limo is certainly clean and furnished with all the amenities you would anticipate.


Your chauffeur is always reputable and highly discreet. You’re an important person. You have a great deal going on. Require a personal telephone call in the back of the auto? Be certain that the call remains private.

So when you’re selecting between a driver and a chauffeur, you’ll want to determine one thing: “Do I just simply need to get somewhere, or would I prefer to be the beneficiary of a reliable and pleasant ride?”